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Altitude Services is a Dutch company that sells a large variety of professional christmas and party lights. They needed a webshop that would have a professional look and feel, targeted at restaurants, hotels and municipalities. From the admin module, orders can be tracked, bills and envelopes printed, customers emailed etc.

Implementation was done by me, the front-end design was done by the company Groos Ontwerpt.

Principal tech: Django, Satchmo webshop module, PostgreSQL, JQuery, Javascript, XHTML, CSS

iBug research group

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For the iBug research group at Imperial College London I created a website with some custom functionality. It has facilities for presenting the group's research, project grants, developed tools and datasets, group member profiles, vacancies, course info, etc. It allows each member to edit his/her profile and upload their publications, which are then searchable across the group with auto-generated citation information.

Principal tech: Django, PostgreSQL, JQuery, Javascript, XHTML, CSS, Inkscape, After Effects (for video templates)